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Our medic's first priority is ensuring that your employees receive the best possible treatment when the need arises.

We ensure sure this by hiring only full qualified medics that have worked in the field before, ensuring that they complete our SafetySync on-line training program, and providing them with the best equipment we can.

We monitor our medic's through on site inspections and ensure that corrective actions are taken to correct the concerns that were found during the on site inspection.

Providing the necessary care when the need arises is not all they can do. Our medics have assisted clients with safety sign in's, site orientations for visitors, and general safety tasks that you feel they could assist with.


All Action Health and Safety Services Paramedics are fully qualified Primary Care Paramedics or higher. Working in conjunction with BC Ambulance Service and other ambulance services across Canada we are able to hire Paramedics whose skills are up to date and they are ready for any emergency.

We enhance the Paramedics skill by ensuring that they have completed our SafetySync training program that will provide them with their IRP16 Certificate. We also have the ability to upload any specific training you require.

Our Paramedics work within their scope of practice as a Paramedic under the direction of our Medical Director. We have advanced protocols that include; pain management, cardiac arrest, diabetic shock and anaphylaxis. When using our Paramedic services our MTC's are stocked according to those medical directives.

Like our Medics our Paramedics are also able to provide other services on site to assist you with health and safety. Our Paramedics have conducted site orientations for visitors, safety sign-ins and general safety tasks.

In 2006 Action applied to The Work Compensation Board of British Columbia to be approved by them as an ambulance service acceptable to the Board under section 3.21(3) of the Occupational Health and Safety Regulation and approval was given.

The Boards approval as an ambulance service permits Action to assume care of an injured or ill worker from a first aid attendant at a workplace, and to transport that worker to a health care facility where medical care will be provided.

Action is able to provide your organization with the best possible medical care, either through our highly skilled and trained Medics or Paramedics ensuring that your employees are cared for in the best possible way when the emergency arises.